Holiday starts NOW!!

Who would have thought, a GIS song!! 😀

Jey Zone

YAY! I have finally finished everything for this semester and now I can finally enjoy the holiday season! 😀

Lets celebrate it with a lovely song called “G-I-S State of Mind”. It’s a fun take set to the song “Empire State of Mind” originally by Jay-Z, Featuring Alicia Keys. Created by GIS folks from Austin, Texas in honor of GIS Day in 2010. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!!

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One more day. Just ONE!

There’s one exam left, just one! And then we have three weeks off. Tomorrow it’s GIS 303 Analysis and Automation. I probably should be studying right now, but I need a break. My brain needs a break. So what better way to take a break but to sit down and write. Really?!? Never thought those words would ever come out of my mouth (figuratively speaking). If you read my last blog written as a class assignment, aptly named “My First Blog :)”, you would know that I haven’t blogged before and never thought that I ever would. Well, really the thought just never crossed my mind. I suppose some people would prefer a drier, to the point, purely informational types of blogs, but that’s just not me. I write as I would talk to someone. I write with light-hearted humour. Maybe I will try to “blog” the other way, or maybe not. 😉

This semester has been cram-packed with assignments, labs, readings and trying to wrap your head around new ideas and concepts. Its been very interesting to say this least. I entered this program with very little exposure to GIS that really only had touched upon the basic ideas and components, but nothing really too in-depth. All of that has since changed. We have gone (and still will next semester and next year) into greater detail and analysis of GIS. We are being exposed to all GIS has to offer in its full beauty. My love for technology has grown immensely, which I didn’t think was even possible, but it has. I have to admit that I have Windows installed on my iMac, through Parallels, purely for ArcGIS purposes. Never thought I’d see the day that I have a PC OS in my home or say those words, but I am big enough to admit that it has its place. For ArcGIS. That’s it. Hopefully esri will adopt Arc over to Apple sooner than later!

Today was a great day, we had our Programming presentations of our final projects which show-cased a variety of different subjects and skills in Python, resulting in fantastic scripts. I do believe that a lot of them have the capability to be used out in “the real world” and I would be super happy to see if some of them actually did. While creating my power point presentation yesterday I came to realize that I really do like Python and programming in general and that I can’t wait to learn more. More Python, more programming languages. Looking forward to Java next year!! Here’s a slide from my presentation that sums up my feelings of Python.

I realized that I really like Python and it really does rock!!

I realized that I really like Python and it really does rock!!

The minion being what I would have thought four months ago if I said that I like Python and it rocks. “WHAT?!?” Well I should go back to studying now, but I will be sure to elaborate some more about my courses and how great they are. And if the urge strikes, perhaps I will write something more along the lines of educational purposes. We’ll see. Maybe.

My First Blog :)

This was written on October 18, 2013 for a GIS 321 New Media class assignment. Soon to be seen on

Techno Mama

Blog? I don’t blog. I don’t have time for blogs. I don’t read blogs. And I most certainly don’t write blogs! Well that was me until I was required (class assignment) to take up an interest in the world of blogging. It wasn’t until I started to do some research, that I actually found some funny ones that, dare I say it… that I enjoyed reading! So much so, that I have actually bookmarked a few. Whew! I think I have just taken that last preverbal step/leap into the future. No scratch that. Into present times. Duh, duh, duhhhh!

That is not the only “step” I have taken this week. My 14 year-old daughter, nay Princess, nay volleyball/basketball-Goddess, nay Keeper of the Basement, (all three names suit her very well, in addition to the few that I am only allowed to say quietly in my head when I get mad, because apparently there’s a rule against saying certain things out loud) helped me out tons when it came to “keeping with the times”. Just recently I signed up for a Tumblr account. Wow! I was so proud of myself. No really I was! I think I have almost “all” of the important accounts now.

This coming from a person who grew up in the Slocan Valley and that didn’t have cable or high-speed Internet until I moved to Kamloops when I was 24! Who didn’t have a cell phone until 22, first smart phone when I was 30 and first Twitter, Tumbler, Vine and Instagram accounts all when I’m 33! (I did get Facebook in 2006 before it became cool! Do the math, I’m tired) Holy smokes I’m on a roll here! At this rate I’ll be what, 54, when I finally get a 3D TV! By that time, the prices will probably be in half! Nah, hopefully Santa will bring me one next year if I’m really, really good! 😉

I’ve actually kept in-sync (no, not the 90’s boy band) with the technology movement so far and it’s kept me interested and when something captures my interest, I’m like a fat boy on a popsicle on a hot summer day, I’m all over that thing! My love for Apple products especially, is very evident in our household with all of our devices and gadgets. And I’m not afraid to say it, “Once you go Mac, you never go back!” Usually. Well, except for those few individuals that I have had the pleasure of recently meeting, that shall remain unnamed. They went back. Traders.

For good or bad, love for technology has been engrained in my children, and it is very evident with my daughter, with my seven-year-old son riding in close second. At 13 she had high-speed Internet, a cellphone (iPhone 4) and a MacBook. The cell phone that I rationalized to myself that she needed for sports, to keep in contact with me. Sure. Sure she does. Now the damn thing never leaves her hands. I’m sure she even sleeps with it. Actually I’ve seen her, she really has. Just fallen asleep holding it. Cuddled up with it like a Teddy Bear. She would probably shower with it if she could, like most teenagers. On the flip side, with her obsessiveness with technology (like mother, like daughter), she has stumbled across a lot of interesting things that she then shared with me and I pass along to others, and the cycle continues on and on. We have had a lot of apps long before they became popular and the “next best thing.” My love for constant inquiring has rubbed off on her and she has grown up with a tenacious need for new information.

Without a blink of the eye when I mentioned something to her “What is a blog?” she asked me, “For what? GIS?” She picked up her phone and not even thirty seconds later, “See Mum. This is Tumblr and all this is GIS stuff you can find on here. You can find anything. Python. GIS. Anything. Whatever you want!” She then picked up and handed me my phone, “OMG Mum! You’re so old! Just get Tumblr” turned and flipped her long beautiful hair and walked away before I could respond. And within another thirty seconds, I had the app on my phone, browsing through the endless #GIS blogs. To which I proceeded to browse through and “tweet” a couple really cool concepts. Who knew that Google partnered up with NASA and D-Wave Two to create a super computer capable of quantum computing!? WHOW! Just blew a couple of brain cells right there!

So between Tumblr, (which I think I’ll really enjoy using), Twitter, (which I already know I love using, up-to-date information, if you follow the right people and companies and you can know more than you’d ever imagine and then some) and then of course, plain old Google, there’s a few other websites that I frequent frequently for my tech updates. A few of my “popular” websites are: Apple Insider (, Boy Genius Report (, All Things Digital (, Mashable (, Tech Crunch (, Engadget (, Tech Dirt ( Should these not suffice at putting your tech-hunger at bay, please find me and I can give you some more tasty websites to visit.

So I leave you with two things: a tip and a quote. My tip is to always click on links. You know the links that are in a link, with in a link? Those pages are the most interesting websites to come across. And that’s how I “stumble” across some new things. And a quote, that I came across on Twitter a couple weeks ago, which applies really to anything in life, not just GIS. “The application of GIS is limited only by the imagination of those who use it” by Jack Dangermond, Esri. Moral of the story, don’t limit yourself.

So, put down that pen and paper and pick up a cup of coffee and sit down at your computer, (I’ll forgive you if it’s a PC, just this once) and go search your heart out for some new technology. You’ll be surprised what you can find. Hint: Google LeapMotion. It’s my new toy. (Once it arrives in the mail!) Enjoy! 🙂

Minion’s (Love’em!!)

Total Happiness. How I feel when my Python script runs!!!
(I’m sure they’re excited about something else…Banana’s perhaps!?)

“5 Cool New Applications of Mobile GIS”

Katelyn James

Just checked out this neat article by Matt Sheehan about how GIS is being used in new applications. The link is below and is worth a read!

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Cartography – the art, science and technology of map making

A classmate’s fantastic hand-drawn map!

Journey to GIS


From the prehistoric Lascaux Cave drawings of 15000 BC,  to the Greek geographer, mathematician and astronomer,  Eratosthenes  of 2200 BC, people have been exploring and recording the world around them. Famous explorers and cartographers like James Cook have left a legacy of  geographical knowledge which, even today, influences the way  we view our  world.  So what is cartography and why has it developed throughout the ages? In its most basic form Cartography is simply the art of map making,  but  those who delve a little deeper understand that the  subject is more intricate then anticipated.  Maps provide  a vast resource of information, they are research tools to aide in informed decision making and function as historical documents offering a window into the past. As times change so has the discipline of cartography. Advancements in technology has sparked  growth in the industry and, as the benefits of visual data analysis are…

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My GIS Day Poster

GIS Day Poster

GIS Day at Selkirk College in Castlegar, BC was on Wednesday November 20, 2013. It was a fun-filled informative day. Local high school students joined us to learn more about GIS and how we can (and do) use it on a daily basis.

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